Police officers join children's pick-up football game


A Sunday featured one of the best football games of the year, but it didn’t have anything to do with the NFL. And although there weren’t many fans, two players will be remembered by everyone involved.  

It was a pick-up football game featuring some children in Warren, Michigan and two officers from the Warren Police Department. 

While on patrol, Officers Zachary Lemond and Daniel Rose noticed the kids playing. So they parked their car and joined in. 

They started playing football with the boys for about 20-25 minutes," parent Paula Quarterman told FOX 2.

Getting involved in the game was unplanned, but they did want to go out and meet the community.

"Under the direction of Bill Dwyer who just got re-appointed as commissioner here, he's established that attitude in the department," Captain Cortland Larry said. "It is a great time to be a Warren police officer."

At a time when both football and police can evoke negative attitudes -- these officers took interest in one of the country’s favorite pastimes and their community. 

“Shows the world that police officers are there to do a public service, not cause trouble,” said Quarterman. 


Watch the video to see how this Sunday was more than just football. 

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