Police officers take boy shopping after he has seizure


11-year-old Gabe has tuberous sclerosis complex, and has tumors in his brain and kidneys. It’s a disorder that triggers roughly a dozen seizures a day. 

While it’s a daily battle, one of those seizures led to a new toy and two new friends. 

While walking with his mother, Gabe saw something he absolutely loves -- A cop car. His mother, Rachael Fondren, told FOX 2 Detroit, “Gabe seen the cop car saying he was super excited, and it caused him to have a seizure.”  

Officers Grondin and Mosczynski of the Southgate Police Department were in the car, and witnessed the seizure. Gabe was still excited, and had a lot of questions for the officers. They were happy to spend time to answer every question he had about cops, but they also wanted to do something extra for Gabe. So they took him shopping. 

“They took him in and got him a toy and paid for it and everything. It was just absolutely amazing,” said his mother. "It makes him really excited to do things. Most the time it's really hard to get him to go into places, meltdown behavior. So, this was really, really nice. Whenever he's going out and he gets to see his police officer friends, he's ecstatic."

The three patrolled the aisles together, and picked out a Buzz Lightyear toy. But it was more than just a toy. It was a symbol of his new friendship with Southgate’s finest.

“We go from call to call to call a day and deal with the worst of the worst. To see how much this meant to Gabe and even his mom, is really heartwarming,” said Officer Nate Mosczynski. 


Watch the video to see how Gabe met his two new friends. 

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