Pregnant Kentucky doctor delivers patient's baby while waiting to give birth herself


Doctors are used to being on-call during all hours of the night -- but not quite like this.

On Saturday, Kentucky obstetrician Amanda Hess arrived at the Frankfurt Regional Medical Center without the intention of delivering someone else’s baby. Instead, she was there to give birth to her own.

However, when she heard another woman having complications with her delivery down the hallway, she couldn’t help but spring into action.

Dr. Hess, who is on staff at the hospital, realized the on-call doctor wasn’t in the maternity wing. He had gone to the emergency room to assist another patient, which is about 10 minutes away.

But there was no time to spare. Fellow patient Leah Halliday-Johnson was going to give birth any minute.

Dr. Hess told People, “It was urgent the baby was delivered right away. Then I walked back and one hour later I started contractions.”

“It was the perfect way to get my own labor started,” she added.

Both women gave birth to healthy baby girls and are doing well.


But one thing’s for sure: that was one packed labor day!

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