Puerto Rico native raises $25,000 for marooned Maria victims


Puerto Rico continues to recover from Hurricane Maria, but it isn’t happening fast enough. It can be especially difficult for people with ties to the island as they watch from afar. But that doesn’t mean they’re sitting idly by. 

Antonio Paris lives in Florida now, but he grew up in the small town of Utuado, which is in desperate times. It is located in the mountains and is far removed from any of the cities where food is being shipped. With the roads destroyed, the town is marooned. 

Paris told FOX 13, “Millions of people in Puerto Rico are in the process of dying right now. Unless they get enough nutrition, the elderly will start passing away, and then the sick, and the disabled, and then the kids."

As director of PlanetaryScience.org, Paris has a large following on Twitter -- 272,000 followers. He issued a call to help and raised $25,000 in just a week on his GoFundMe page. He’s using the money to buy desperately needed supplies that he will deliver to the town in person -- Supplies like food, water, medicine, first aid kits, and rechargeable radios. 

“Hurricane Maria basically took everything they have. My intent is to give these people a little bit of comfort and help them get through this,” said Paris.


Watch the video to see how Paris is making his way back home. 

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