Rainbow photos help boy with autism cope with loss of parents


Crystal Skawinski gained custody of her 9-year-old nephew Robbie Ecuyer after his parents died just 23 days apart from each other. Robbie is on the autism spectrum, and doesn’t always comprehend that his parents aren’t coming back. 

One thing that has brought Robbie comfort since the loss of his parents are the rainbows appearing in the New York sky near his new home. He’s been told that his parents have “gone over the rainbow bridge”, and he looks for them eagerly. But lately, those rainbows have disappeared and Robbie became upset. 

“I can’t tell you what Robbie felt not seeing a rainbow, but what I assume he felt was that his parents weren’t there,” Crystal told People.com.

She turned to social media, and asked friends to send pictures of rainbows to cheer him up. #rainbowsforrobbie was started, and soon she received thousands of rainbows from across the country and around the world.

Thanks to the kind strangers who took a moment out of their day, Robbie’s world is now a little brighter-- and he can take comfort in knowing that the rainbow bridge is shining bright. 

The rainbows are also helping the woman who lost her sister, and is doing her best to raise Robbie. 

“The rainbows haven’t only lifted Robbie’s spirits, they lift all of our spirits,” Crystal told People. “There’s a lot of support out there that I didn’t know I had.” 


Watch the video to see the rainbows through the clouds. 

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