Sami Khedira donates 1,200 tickets to disadvantaged kids


It’s not unusual for athletes to buy tickets for family, friends or even a few fans. But what soccer star Sami Khedira did during Germany’s World Cup Qualifier against Norway wasn’t just a matter of picking some tickets up from will call -- it was a goodwill call.  

According to, Khedira purchased 1,200 tickets and distributed them through 15 charitable foundations to children from the Stuttgart area who were suffering from cancer or are socially vulnerable.

Khedira was born in raised in Stuttgart, and came up through the VFB Stuttgart system. He held a charity match in the area two years ago, but wanted to give back more to the community.

He said via the German Football Association's official website, “We are enabling young people to attend the game who would not be able to otherwise."

And what a game it was for the German side. The kids were treated to a 6-0 domination of Norway -- a perfect setting for them to unveil a giant “thank you” banner for the charitable player. 

He has won the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, the Champions League, and every player’s dream -- the World Cup. For 1,200 German children, however, this will be the game of his career. 


Watch the video to see how the soccer star gave back to his community. 

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