Smarter people more likely to fail first driving test, according to study


When you’re a teenager, it feels like the most important test you need to pass is not the SAT. No, it’s your driving test!

But a new study out of the United Kingdom had some surprising results. It found smarter people are more likely to fail their driving test the first time.

DriveXpert, a British insurance company, conducted a survey of 1,564 British people with a full UK driver’s license.

It found 59% of people with no qualifications passed their driving test the first time. In the US, that’s the equivalent of holding no high school degree.

However, only 51% of drivers with A-levels passed on their first attempt - that’s roughly the equivalent of being an AP-level student. If you hold an undergraduate degree, it falls even further to 48%.

Some experts suggested the results could be attributed to a focus on different skillsets at different educational levels.

Dr. Lee Hadlington, senior lecturer in psychology at De Montfort University, told the Daily Mail, “Those who don’t have formal qualifications could be in roles that rely more heavily on procedural skills like motor control, hence they may be better suited to activities like passing a driving test.”


So if you fail your driving test the first time, don’t worry! It probably means you’re really smart. Or just a lousy driver. It could be both.

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