Stranger helps reunite missing dog with family after Irma


Losing your dog in your own neighborhood is bad enough. But what about when you lose a dog 400 miles away from home? For one woman, it came down to the kindness of a stranger. 

After evacuating for Hurricane Irma, Jasmine Valquez was on her way back to Florida when she was involved in a traffic accident in Fayetteville, Georgia. Unfortunately her dog, Faith, ran away at the scene on September 12th. 

Unable to find her, Jasmine had to eventually return to Florida to take care of her home in Daytona Beach -- Over 400 miles away.  

Georgian Lovey Meyers dedicates her time to finding missing pets, and she was quick to put up signs and cameras, and make it her mission to track the dog down. 

“I knew she didn’t have any close family near here and that she wouldn’t be able to come back and the longer the dog was out there, the more chance it can get ran over or somebody takes it in. As soon as I finished with another case I started on this one,",” Lovey told FOX 5.

12 days later, Lovey reunited Faith with Jasmine.

“It’s a great feeling and it’s part of why I do this of course. And she just screamed. All of us who were there at the scene got to hear her scream. She was so happy,.” said Lovey. 

But the surprises didn’t stop there. The next day, Jasmine surprised her son who had no idea she was picking up Faith.

Jasmine said, “All of the credit goes to Lovey and her organization. I just can’t even imagine that this world has these types of people, and it just makes me so happy.”

When our faith is lost, sometimes all we need is a little love. Or in this case -- Lovey. Watch the video to see Faith and Jasmine reunite.

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