Student on a mission to have conversation about father- daughter relationships


One Temple University student is on a mission to give women a space to share their stories about their fathers, and start a conversation about how they’ve influenced their lives. 

Kyshon Johnson’s father has been in and out of jail for most of her life, and she was raised by her single mother. While studying abroad in Spain, she saw something she and her friends weren’t familiar with, a traditional family. Seeing the impact her host father had on his daughter inspired Kyshon to explore the importance of a father’s role.

“I’m on a mission to meet 100 women. I want to hear their stories about their relationship with their fathers,” she said.

That mission is called “100 Other Halves.” A dialogue, for women of all ages, to discuss the impact of their father's love or the lack thereof.

Kyshon has interviewed 58 women so far, and she is hoping the conversation sparks realization, understanding, and healing.

Kyshon told FOX 29, “I never realized that the rejection and someone saying that ‘You’re not mine,’ although I identify you as my father it brings up questions such as, am I good enough? Why don’t you love me?"

Whether positive, negative, or nonexistent, the fathers in these true stories are helping women create a sisterhood of strength through experience. Their story, good or bad, is part of what’s made them into the beautiful women they are today. 


Watch the video to see why Kyshon began this journey. 

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