Terminally ill 5-year-old girl gets "married" to best friend


Eileidh Paterson from Scotland is only 5-years-old, and sadly she is already working on her bucket list. That’s because in 2014 she was diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma -- an aggressive type of childhood cancer. 

After spending the majority of the past 3 years in hospitals undergoing treatment and surgeries, her oncologist has said she will not survive long term. So her mother started a GoFundMe page to help raise money so that she can create as many memories as she can. She wrote, “Anything we can do to make her life that little bit easier, comfier & most importantly magical, then we owe that to her & she most certainly deserves it.” 

The account reached their goal and raised over $12,000 in three months. Before going to a zoo or travelling to Disneyland, however, there was one thing she wanted to do more than anything else. Get “married” to her best friend -- 6-year-old Harrison Grier. 

According to the Edinburgh News, hundreds of guests attended the fairytale “wedding” complete with princesses, superheroes, and a bagpiper. Eileidh was walked down the aisle by her older brother, Callum, to ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ from the Disney film Pinocchio. After beautiful stories and poems about Eileidh, the best friends held hands and exchanged St.Christopher necklaces to make it official -- Best Friend Forever.

If you’d like to send a wedding gift, donations can be made towards Eileidh’s bucket list here.


Watch the video to see Eileidh’s dream come true. 

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