Through kind visit, Vietnam vet with dementia accepts end to Vietnam


After serving three tours of duty, 84-year-old Lawrence Silk still hasn’t quite left Vietnam. According to the BBC, Lawrence has dementia and insists he must leave his care home in Vancouver so he can return to fighting in Vietnam. 

His daughter, Julie, and her husband, Kenny Dunn, asked for help from anyone who served with him in the Civil Engineering Squadron Prime BEEF (Base Engineer Emergency Force). A retired lieutenant colonel from that very unit came forward. 

In uniform, Lt. Col. Andy LaFrazia presented Lawrence with a certificate of appreciation from the United States Air Force, along with a badge and coins from the BEEF unit. 

Most importantly, however, he helped him realize he was no longer at war and that he has done his duty. 

"We hope and pray that the colonel's kind words and message of reassurance can serve as a daily reminder to him that his duty has been done," Julie wrote. 

He has a new battle to fight with dementia, but hopefully LaFrazia’s visit will bring peace to the veteran. 

"Col. LaFrazia is a saint in our eyes," Kenny Dunn told the BBC. "No stranger I have ever met has been more gracious, caring and understanding."


Watch the video to see how Lt. Col. LaFrazia stepped up for another veteran. 

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