Town comes together to welcome back kidney and liver transplant recipient


The town of Payson, Arizona came together to welcome back someone very brave. 25-year-old Justin Richardson has has been battling Leukemia, and most recently had to move to Nashville, Tennessee with his mother while he waited to receive a liver and kidney he couldn’t get in Arizona. 

Since he was 3-years-old, Justin has had to undergo stem-cell transplants and multiple kidney transplants. Now, he’s finally feeling healthy. 

“Feeling great. It’s been a long year, but I got through it, here we are. Hopefully, it’s all smooth sailing from here,” he told FOX 10.

Upon returning, Justin was finally able to embrace the loved ones he hasn’t seen in a year. His mom, Cheryl, is overjoyed to see Justin healthy after the life-saving procedure, and be home with her son. 

“It’s just been a long time coming. Justin’s worked really hard to get us home. It’s been tough. It’s been tough being away, and being away from family,” she said. 


Watch the video to see the effect organ donors had on Justin and his hometown.

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