Volunteers use plastic bags to crochet mats for homeless


Most homeless people have nothing to sleep on but a piece of cardboard, if they’re lucky. But a group of volunteers has come up with an idea that has both the homeless and the environment in mind. 

Volunteer Polk is a group based in Florida that is turning used plastic shopping bags into mats for the homeless. The handle and bottom seam is snipped from the bag and made into “plarn” or plastic yarn. The volunteers then crochet the plarn into plastic mats that are much softer and more durable than a piece of cardboard. Not to mention they hold up better in the rain and elements. 

Jessica Cassita is a member of Volunteer Polk, and  knows firsthand about the struggles the homeless face. She was on the streets years ago because of a drug problem. She told FOX 13, "You do what you gotta do when you're out there in the elements.”

The selfless craftsmanship takes time. It takes about 700 plastic bags, and takes 50 hours to make just one matt.But hopefully it means the homeless will sleep better on something more comfortable -- Made by someone who cares. 


Watch the video to see an inside look at this great idea. 

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