WATCH: A robot has defied its programming and escaped from its high tech lab a second time

- A robot that is capable of thinking for itself is set to become scrap metal after it escaped from a high tech lab A SECOND TIME. The Promobot IR77 has been programmed with artificial intelligence, meaning that it learns from its experiences and its surroundings. However, the programmers had not expected it to yearn for freedom. Kind of freaky, right?

The strangest thing about this is that he is just one of several robots that have been created in the exact same series that are all reportedly well-behaved and have never tried to escape. The bot’s first attempt at freedom was when it went wandering around outside in a yard after it escaped through a gate that had not been properly shut. Seems harmless enough right? That is until his second escape when it caused traffic chaos as vehicles swerved to avoid the robot before it finally ran out of battery right in the middle of the road. 

Oleg Kivokurtsev, co-founder of the research lab that created Promobot IR77, said: "We have changed the AI system twice, so now I think we might have to dismantle it." 

What is going on with this robot?? We guess the future is now… and it’s kind of terrifying. 

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