Why we love (or hate) scary movies


Ever wonder why some people hate horror films and others love them? Margee Kerr, sociologist and author of “Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear,” believes reactions to these movies are rooted in several fright factors, which include:

Highly sensitive personalities. These people feel more deeply and are extremely emotionally reactive thus creating a bigger physiological response to horror films.

Next, childhood exposure to “fun scary.” According to the Huffington Post this is, “an experience that startles, but doesn’t contribute to real fear.” 

And finally, a means to connect with others. Kerr explains this saying, “...The bonds we make under stress often are more intense, especially with people we already have a positive association with. So if you’re going with your friends... you end up forming more layered, rich memories.”

Regardless if you hate or love horror films, much of it is rooted in the way they were presented to you as a child -- so thank Mom and Dad for that.

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