Comparative shopping on Route 18: 6 items, 4 Stores

- Those who have lived in East Brunswick for a long time have seen several supermarkets come and go. 

There was a bustling Foodtown in Loehmann's Plaza. The East Brunswick A&P was behind K-Mart. 

The recently closed Pathmark was technically in the same mall. Judging by the statistics, we should all be much thinner in the home of Bears since our food supplies have been so cut back. 

Specialty and ethnic shops have opened to serve the coordinating communities and people with broader tastes, but many Bears go out of town to Milltown, Spotswood or even Old Bridge to shop for food.  But when" in town," where do residents go for "big shopping" of groceries? 

The four grocery stores on Route 18 -- two on the south side and two on the north -- are the Hong Kong Supermarket, Stop and Shop, ShopRite and Wal-Mart. 

Let's see how they compare on a few points. Today, TAPinto East Brunswick shopped for six items -- bananas, Friehofer's Whole Wheat Bread, 2% milk (store brand), a dozen extra-large eggs, a box of Ronzoni #35 elbow macaroni, and boneless chicken breast. TAP also checked out the availability of fresh fish and organic produce in each market. 

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