$18 cup of coffee in Brooklyn

- You can expect top quality coffee served with a side of education and one heck of a brewing experience at the Extraction Lab in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  All of this for a price that can reach $18 a cup, the most expensive cup of coffee in the country.

The newest coffee shop of the company Alpha Dominiche is built around its brewing machine. The sleek, several thousand dollar "steampunk" machine is operated by an Android tablet, preset with exact specifications to bring out the best flavor of each coffee or tea.

"For us it is about showcasing the process,"  Alpha Dominiche CEO Thomas Perez says.


And despite having nearly 80 different teas and up to 15 different coffees brewed on a rotating basis, there is no intimidation when it comes to selecting your cup of caffeine.

"Who knows what Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee is, but we want to tell people what it is and enrich them to learn about coffe," Perez says.  "and allow them to pick whatever coffee they like and explain why."

The most expensive cup on the menu will cost you $18, but that doesn't have to be your everyday option. Coffee starts at $3. The goal is to get you trying coffees the way they're brewed from all over the world.

"We're here to help and we want to make sure whatever coffee you pick, you walk out of here and say, 'wow, that was amazing coffee and next time I come back I want to try this coffee," Perez says.

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