Awesome apps for dog lovers

- We love dogs but they can be a lot of work. Luckily, technology can help. From finding the right dog to training it and keeping it comfortable and happy, apps can make it all easier.

Are you interested in becoming a dog owner, but don't know which breed would be perfect for you? Help is just a bone's throw away with the Perfect Dog app. Search through over 500 breeds of dogs to learn about each ones size, appearance, and history. Perfect Dog also helps find your perfect companion. Select your preferred canine traits and a list of compatible matches will appear. Plug in specific characteristics of a dog you've seen in the park in the "Identify" section to figure out the breed. And you can scroll through numerous pictures of your potential pooch.

Once you've brought your new friend home, you can help train him or her with the iClicker app. A realistic clicking sound will help you and your dog with obedience training, behavioral training, and even tricks. There are tutorials and videos with detailed instructions and a noise box with 48 sounds to engage or distract your pet with.

Going for a walk can be good for your dog and many others with the Walk for a Dog app. This app keeps track of your movement and will donate money to an animal shelter for every mile you walk. Mashable editor-at-large Lance Ulanoff says there are multiple reasons to download it.

"Well one, because you want to take your dog out for a walk. You want to feel good about it. But two, you want to help all of the other dogs out there because there are so many dogs who are not adopted, unfortunately, dogs who are euthanized, dogs who sometimes need care," Ulanoff says. "There is a ton of different dog-related charities in here that you can basically assign yourself to."

Walk for a Dog is connected with over 7,000 shelters in all 50 states.

You can plan those walks with the Weather Puppy app. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the forecast is adorable with this app. Over 800 images of puppies are matched with the weather and time of the location you choose. You can pick pictures from 19 different themes and share them with friends. Perfect for the dog days of summer!

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