Bear hit, killed on I-85 in Kannapolis

- A bear was hit and killed by a vehicle along Interstate-85 northbound in Kannapolis - and now an autopsy is underway. 

We're told the 2-year-old female bear was hit sometime Thursday morning around Exit 60. 

Wildlife officers were called to pick up the bear. 

*Photos courtesy of Braden Cook and Kenneth Thompson

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  • The black bear is the smallest yet most common of the three bear species found in America.
  • Black bears are only found in North America.
  • Black bears are excellent climbers and are often photographed scaling trees.
  • Black bears are also good swimmers and will readily enter water in search of fish.
  • They are able to run up to 25 mph, but cannot remain at the speed for long.
  • Despite their name, black bears are not always black-- they can also be light brown, blond or even gray-blue.
  • Female black bears can give birth to up to six cubs.
  • A curious creature, black bears are perfectly capable of breaking into cars (see story above)
  • According to Born Free USA, black bears can be legally hunted in 27 states in America, and between 40,000 to 50,000 bears are legally hunted there each year. More are illegally poached.
  • If you come across a bear at close range, the usual advice is to retreat slowly, still facing the bear. Do not run. Bears are known to make mock-charges to within a few yards – if they do this, stand your ground and shout.



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