Cuffed suspect taken down with Taser


A burglary suspect was in handcuffs when he decided to try to run away on foot.  He ended up with a smashed up face when an officer used a Taser on him and he went flying, face first, onto a South Florida street.

It happened over the weekend in the small community of Surfside outside of Miami. 

The man had been arrested to the theft of a bike in a condominium building.  Officers were taking him to the patrol car when Carlos Sierra, 26-years-old, started running.

One of the officers took off and pulled out his stun gun. 

Cruz was at a full run when he was hit with the electrical shock that send him flying for several feet before crashing to the pavement.

The man's mugshot showed the damage he can only blame himself for.  Cruz faces several charges. 



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