A temporary graffiti wonderland in Jersey City

Graffiti artists have turned the old Pep Boys auto shop space in Jersey City into a graffiti wonderland, but the mecca will be torn down soon.
The abandoned warehouse is covered with graffiti, not just any graffiti but murals -- beautiful, intricate, elaborate murals.
"Many people have driven up looking for an oil change or new tires, and have been greatly surprised," said Jayne Freeman of Green Villain Productions, a company that works with business owners to create outdoor murals.
Forest City Enterprises Inc. and G&S Investors bought the 30,000-square-foot property and is developing a 35-story high-rise on the site. Pep Boys moved out roughly a month ago and that's when the graffiti artists moved in.
The developers actually played a role in making this exhibit happen. One day last month the team walked in on one of the artists working and thought it was so good that they gave Green Villain Productions $7,500 toward the project.
100 artists from all over the area came to put mirrors on the wall. Each got his or her own spot. They include: Wane, Doves, Curve, Mr. Mustart, Evikt, Jahan, Mes, Themo, Distoart, Kingbee, Era and Goomba. 
Green Villain Productions opened the space to the public for a few days last week. The site has a date with a wrecking ball this month.
But if you want to see the artwork, it's being archived by Google Chrome. Search for it on social media using the hashtag #GVM004.

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