Reward offered in 'Cold Chicken Case' as feds become involved

- A $2,000 reward is now being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the attackers behind this brutal assault on a restaurant owner and her daughter in southeast Georgia. It’s not just Appling County authorities searching for the couple, but also the U.S. Marshals on the hunt.

It is hard to believe a customer upset over cold chicken would go so far as to hit a restaurant owner and what is even harder is to watch a man hitting a teenage girl running to the aid of her mother. But it happened in Baxley, Georgia last week.

"We became involved on Monday when we received a call from Baxley PD," said Supervisory Inspector Timothy Dolan, U.S. Marshal’s Office.

Dolan could not go into the details of the investigation, but said leads are coming into their office

"We do believe we will be able to catch them shortly," said Dolan.

It may seem odd to have the U.S. Marshal's involved, but Dolan said it is not that unusual.

"The case is different because we call it the ‘cold chicken case,’ but like I said, we treat it just like every other case. And our factors are going to be the same as if we're looking for homicide suspects or anyone else we look for," said Dolan.

What Dolan does find odd is why this couple is on the run.

"I think they should turn themselves in. It would be safer for themselves and for the public. And we urge them to turn themselves in," said Dolan.

Despite the $2,000 reward, Dolan stresses to anyone who sees them do not approach.

"Obviously they have violent tendencies, and we've seen it on the video and we don't know if they're armed and dangerous so please call 911 right away," said Dolan.

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