Obama: 'Yes' I would win if I ran for president again

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - President Barack Obama said Sunday that he believes he would win if he ran for president again.

"Do you think if you ran again, could run again, and did run again, you would be elected?" asked Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes" Sunday night.

"Yes," replied Obama. "You do?" said Kroft. "I do," replied the president.

First Lady Michelle Obama has said in the past that she is happy her husband cannot run again.

Kroft then asked, “Do you feel the same way?”

"You know, it's interesting ... you go into your last year and I think it's bittersweet," Obama replied. "On the one hand, I am very proud of what we've accomplished and it makes me think, I'd love to do some more."

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