Phoenix Police: 14-year-old boy driving SUV killed in crash

Four young teens took a sport-utility-vehicle for a joy ride and wound up crashing through a block wall, leaving the 14-year-old driver dead. It happened on the west side near 67th Avenue and Lower Buckeye. 
The accident happened after 2 a.m.; it was a crash so loud it woke up the neighborhood.
"Well it was really bad, the sounds was strong, we were sleeping, and I was so scared," said one woman.
The Dodge Durango was driven by 14-year-old Alonzo Reyes III and barreled down the street before smashing into a block wall that separated two homes.
The point the SUV hit the wall, it went through the block wall into another wall, it formed a T providing the maximum impact.
Inside three 14-year-old's and a 13-year-old. The Durango belonged to the 13-year-old's parents. Police say they got a call about a loud party and maybe a fight. They arrived in the neighborhood and found no fight, but the SUV was driving without its lights on. 
Phoenix Police tried to stop it; the SUV took off. The cops pulled back and the next thing they heard a big smashing sound. The same thing everyone heard. 
One neighbor said she didn't want to be identified. 
"Well I mean that is real sad, my oldest son is about 14, and I don't imagine a kid driving around really late. And especially some kind of tragic thing like this to happen to anybody's child or any child at all," said the neighbor.
Police say there was no sign of drugs or alcohol, just kids driving when they shouldn't have been.



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