April the giraffe could soon have April baby

- The weekend is again arriving, but still, the month of April has brought no baby to April, the pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in New York.

Zoo keepers Friday said a week ago that the giraffe was close, active labor could come at any minute, and that they'd be surprised if she made it through the weekend without her new calf.

But alas, there's been no baby all week and the world continues to watch April and Oliver on the famous live web cam from the park. 

Rumors of an April Fool's Day joke swirled early Saturday morning when the park's live stream went down. The park said its internet connectivity issues were due to snowfall at the park. 

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Last weekend, Animal Adventure Park announced it had secured a text alert system to alert people to the giraffe's labor when it happens. Anyone interested in getting those alerts can sign up at www.ApriltheGiraffeAlert.com. The park said it also plans to reveal the calf's gender by text alert as well.

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In the face of many hoax and fake accounts being created to capitalize on April fever, the park continues to remind watchers of April and Oliver that the official live stream for the park is available at www.ApriltheGiraffe.com.

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