Good Samaritans rescue victim in fiery crash

- Looking at the charred shell of all that is left of a family's mini van, it's nothing short of a miracle that the five riding inside managed to survive. 

Authorities said a white passenger car slammed into the van, sparking the van ablaze.  If not for Brian Kenney and other Good Samaritans, one of the occupants of that van might not have made it out alive. 

"If we didn't get that kid out of there, I don't know if I could sleep, knowing that we let someone die possibly," said Kenney, who did not see the crash but certainly heard it.   "The rear end was starting on fire, there was a trail of flames."

He said a mom, dad and two little kids were able to get out on their own, but something was wrong. 

"The father and the mother were trying to get someone out of the back," he said. 

The couple's teenage son was trapped inside.  Kenney's instinct to help kicked in, along with three total strangers. 

"You don't even think at that time. We just ran and tried to get everyone out, everyone safe," said Kenney. 

The boy needed help fast as flames started closing in on him. 

"Knocked out a little, he was real groggy," said Kenney.  "His pants were starting to catch on fire.  Eddy, one of the guys, started punching the window to try to get it open.  I ran to get a crow bar. By the time I got back, Eddy just knocked the window out they started trying to get the 13-year-old kid."

The men got the teen out and noticed flames covering part of his pants.  He got him to the ground to put out the flames.  

"He had some little burns on him," said Kenney. 

They stood by watching, as the fire took over every inch of the van. 

"It was starting to pop off pieces in flames," explained Kenney. 

He said he and the other three men were in the right place at the right time. 

"Afterward, you look at the van like, 'Wow!'" said Kenney. 

Emergency crews took the family to the hospital, but there is no official word on their injuries. 

The Florida Highway Patrol did a blood draw on the driver who was said to have rammed into the van.  Investigators said they believe she had been drinking.  

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