Man returns $1,200 mistakenly sent to him via PayPal, and internet rewards him with more money

TACOMA, Wash. (Fox 32 News) - Strangers are now reaching out to help a man who returned a large sum of money that was mistakenly sent to him.

Gerrell McAllister got an email from PayPal that said he had money in his account - $1,200.

The message along with it indicated it was meant for Melissa Trusler, as a birthday gift from her father. The money had come to McAllister because he has Trusler's old cell phone number.

McAllister said it was a no-brainer to hit the "return money" button, even though he is a struggling dad.

Trusler posted a kind note on Facebook about McAllister's generosity, saying she had emailed him and gotten this response:

"You're so very welcome! But if you could tell your family and friends that a low income 28 year old Black man from Tacoma with a 5 year old daughter returned your money, I would find that helpful in improving race relations while reaffirming the dope ass culture we as Western Washingtonians have worked so hard to cultivate. And that, in turn, would help me to stop kicking myself in the ass for remaining morally sound through the tough times my family and I are experiencing at the moment, lol. In short, share the story, spread the love. Thank you."

Trusler shared McAllister's PayPal address on her Facebook post so that people could donate to him if they wanted to.

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