NAU student shot in the neck takes the stand at Steven Jones' trial

- A day of dramatic testimony as two men allegedly shot by a Northern Arizona University student outside of a fraternity party took the stand. Police say Steven Jones shot four men, killing one and wounding three others. 

The young man shot in the neck: 21-year-old Nick Prato. He described the terrifying turn of events after an argument outside of the party. How Jones, then an NAU freshman, got punched in the face and then went 50 yards away to his car to get a gun, then came back and opened fire.

Prato told the jury he didn't know about the confrontation that led to Jones opening fire, but he remembered seeing a very bright light attached to Jones' gun and he remembered seeing his friend Colin Brough shot dead.

"He was on his back, his shirt was covered in blood. His eyes were wide open, he was looking up at the sky. He didn't say a word,"

Prato said Jones then fired again, hitting him in the neck. In a photo, you could see where the bullet hit him.

"Pretty much it is the most intense pain you have ever felt in your life.. pressure, wide and sharpness, but adrenaline kicks in, you are being numbed like you have an ice pack on your wound, but you have just been hit with a sledgehammer."

On cross-examination, Jones' defense attorney suggested Prato's memory was faulty.

"And this memorable event.. the brightest light you've ever seen.. you didn't mention to the police did you? You didn't mention it."

The trial continues on April 20.

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