Police: Atlanta carjacking suspect asked victim to help start car

- A terrifying moment was caught on camera when a man held a woman at gunpoint at an Atlanta gas station and took off in her car—after asking the victim for help to get the car started.

Now, Atlanta police need the public's help to capture the brazen robber who carjacked the victim at a Shell gas station on Moreland Avenue in the Little Five Points area.

It happened just after 7 a.m. last Tuesday when a woman was approached by a man who, police say, asked if she had any change.

When she said no and went to get in her car he pulled a pistol, robbing the reluctant victim of her belongings.

"The suspect then demands her personal items such as her car keys and everything else. The female then throws some of her personal items into her car and she walks away," said Detective Benjamin King with the Atlanta Police Department.

She didn't get far because, police say, the robber had a problem starting her push-to-start car.

"The suspect then calls her back to the car by brandishing the gun and asks her how to start her own vehicle. She gave instructions through the window on how to start the car and then he drove off," said Detective King.

Police said the man robbed the woman of her car, I-phone, wallet, credit cards, cash and other items. It happened on the side of the Shell gas at 350 Moreland Avenue after she had exited the store on busy Moreland Avenue during the morning rush hour.

"He doesn't care who he hurts or what he takes that's why he did it at 7am. at a busy place? At a busy place," said Heather Webb, one of the customers at the gas station.

And that's the concern of police, who aren't sure if the robber is a novice or a practiced pro.

They ask anyone who may come across this guy to avoid confronting him. The suspect is described as a skinny, muscular, black male, 5-foot-7-inches tall, weighing 130 pounds, between the ages of 18 and 25. He reportedly had acne on his face and neck. 

"As tough it can be to let your phone or let your wallet or let your car go, just let it go. It's a lot better than taking your chances with somebody who may not even know what they are doing with a loaded gun," said Greg Abel, one of the customers at the gas station.

" This guy, we definitely need to get him identified," said detective King.

Police said the victim was not physically injured. Her stolen car, they said, was recovered.

Police are hoping a $2000 Crime Stoppers reward will lead to tips to find the gunman.

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