Suspect stole backhoe, tried to rob ATM with it, police say (VIDEO)

- Police in Maryland are searching for a man who stole a backhoe and used it to try to rob a Bank of America ATM machine, destroying the ATM in the process.

According to Prince George's County police, the suspect stole the backhoe and drove it about five miles to a Bank of America on Marlboro Pike in Forestville, where he used it to try and bust open the ATM machine. It all happened around 4:30 am on Thursday, June 1, long before the bank opened.

Video released by police on Wednesday shows the suspect rolling up to the bank in the backhoe, pulling up to within reach of the ATM and using the backhoe to literally rip the machine apart. While he wasn't able to get any money out of it, he did manage to do about $10,000 in damage to the ATM, Prince George's County police said.

“It's definitely very unique,” said Prince George’s County Police Officer Tyler Hunter. “The fact that we did see our suspect in this incident -- knew where the find the backhoe, stole it, was able to drive it several miles down the road undetected and then was able to use it so fluently to damage and try to break into the ATM.”

Investigators believe this is the same man who is also responsible for an ATM theft in March 2016. They say he and two accomplices broke into a tobacco shop on Marlboro Pike, where they stole cash and also took the ATM.

Police released an image from surveillance video showing the man they're looking for: 


Anyone with information about either case or the suspect is asked to call police at (301) 390-2160. 

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