Rare Supermoon Eclipse This Weekend

It will be an event not seen since 1982….a rare “supermoon blood moon eclipse” happens this weekend.

What makes this unique is the fact that it involves the celestial trio of a full moon, a lunar eclipse, and lunar perigee – which is when the moon is closest is its orbit to earth.  During this time, the moon appears larger and brighter.

Additionally, this is considered a “blood moon” because of the eerie, deep red hue the moon will appear to have during the eclipse.

It will be a sight to see, if we can see it in north Georgia!  Clouds are currently in the forecast for Sunday night when the eclipse begins at 9:07pm EDT.  The eclipse will enter totality at 10:11pm Sunday.  Here’s to hoping the clouds will break, because we will not get another chance to see this until 2033.

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