Twin sisters from NJ accepted to 5 Ivy League schools

CLIFTON, N.J. (AP) — A set of fraternal twin sisters from New Jersey has been accepted to five Ivy League universities.

Jessica and Nicole Alexander got the good news late last month when they learned they had earned spots at Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale.

The Clifton residents say they've narrowed their selection down to two universities, though they haven't said which ones, and both are open to attending different schools. They'll have to make their final decision soon — the commitment deadline is Friday.

The sisters credit their parents for pushing them to speak their mind and take responsibility for themselves, as well as their teachers and other school staffers who have helped them achieve their goals.

Jessica said she was surprised they were accepted at all five schools, but Nicole said she wasn’t. Nicole applied as an undecided major, and while her sister applied as a political science major.