A mural grows in Brooklyn

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The tough streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn are usually drab, but one artist from France is looking to change that.

Zeso, the artist, wants to bring color and art to the streets with his spray paint.

He has just completed the biggest wall of his life. One hundred twenty feet long and 25 feet wide, it is filled with his imagination.

This mural took 14 consecutive days of painting, 14 hours a day, and 100 cans of spray paint.

This was completely freestyle, with no thinking or sketching beforehand. It’s also a part of larger project called #writingonthewalls @bkisthefuture.

Zeso named his masterpiece “Straight Outta Nowhere” because that’s exactly what it was.

“This is where the artwork started, cutting funding and everything is why kids took their creativity to the street and now this is the evolution of it, it actually comes back and beautifies the area,” the creative strategist stated.

This was created all out of his pocket with $4,000 and endless hours of creativity and work.

Zeso’s overall goal is to change the perception of the neighborhood and give the residents something to be proud of.