Actor faces gun charges for prop

Carlo Bellario got his day in court on Tuesday, but it didn't turn out how he'd hoped.

"Every comedian, every actor, every blue-collar worker, every housewife," Carlo called out in front of the Middlesex County Courthouse. "You have to speak up about this to whoever, because this is not right what's happening."

Bellario was in court hoping his attorney, Jef Henninger, could hammer out a pretrial deal with Middlesex County Prosecutors that would help him avoid trial. He's facing weapons charges that stem from his arrest last year on a film set in Woodbridge. Carlo was playing a gunman in a low-budget film being shot in a residential neighborhood without the proper permitting. Police were called and Carlo was arrested.

A deal was discussed, according to attorneys, and then rejected by Bellario. Henninger said the deal offered no guarantees. "The judge could give him probation, the judge could give him probation with jail time, the judge could give him the maximum allowed by the plea agreement." The agreement would have involved the possibility of three to five years of jail time.

As it is, Carlo will go to trial. A date has not been set.