Addressing rising college costs

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Many presidential candidates have presented plans for how to address the rising costs of college education.

Governor Christie presented his Education Reform Agenda at Iowa State University in June.

The key component of his plan is to make higher education more accessible and affordable.
“Today there is too many young people being left behind and that’s not worth, that’s not worth from a great nation,” Governor Christie said.

Arnold Jentleson, from The College Funding Advisors of Pennsylvania, joined Chasing News in studio to discuss how parents can plan for the costs associated with higher education.

“The financial aid process starts with everybody should know what their expected family contribution is. That’s a number that’s calculated by the Department of Education and it says how much you could expect to pay for college, and our thing is to try to position the parents to get the best possible financial aid that they can from the school, that is where’s the free money? Private schools give out more free money than others,” Jentleson said.

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