BBQ smoker is open for business in Trenton

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Something's smoking -- no joking.

Barbecue's here to stay in Trenton in the form of the 1911 SmokeHouse Barbecue on Front Street, a mere two blocks from the Statehouse. Don't worry -- they know what they're doing.

"I do a lot of traveling," said owner Maurice Hallett, "So everywhere I go, I look for the best barbecue place. So I've had good barbecue and I've had bad barbecue."

Hallett's influences range across the barbecue spectrum, with a heavy Memphis influence that can be seen in the dry-rubbed ribs.

Everything goes into "Boss Hog," the restaurant's massive smoker, from turkey legs and chicken to collard greens, beans, and mac and cheese.

Hallett takes particular pride in SmokeHouse's variety of chicken wings, which he calls one of the restaurant's biggest sellers.

Some question the wisdom of opening a restaurant in Trenton, a city where high taxes and gun violence have discouraged would-be restaurateurs.

Hallett says it's not rocket science. He's simply seen a need for good food, in this case barbecue, and he's decided to step up and meet it.