Beach dunes controversy in Point Pleasant Beach

Gov. Christie's got 99 problems, but his brother Todd ain't one.

The issue? Easements in Point Pleasant Beach that would allow the state to build dunes on what's currently privately owned land. Christie's brother Todd owns a summer house on Beacon Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach, and according to a recently released statement, he says have at it.

"I believe 100 percent that the protective dunes should be built," reads the statement, issued through Christie's office. "Any person or entity -- including my homeowners' association -- causing delay is putting our community at risk."

Some believe the key issue for landowners is the ocean view. But an attorney Hank spoke with who represents many homeowners opposed to signing easements says it's really about ownership. Signing easements is effectively signing away ownership, he says, adding that homeowners fellt that they could do a much better job of protecting the beachfront than the Army Corps of Engineers.

It was tough to get anyone to talk about the easements who lives in Todd Christie's summer neighborhood. One woman Hank spoke with on the beach didn't want anything to do with the issue, and another woman answered her door and said to call her lawyer. Most of these homes aren't often occupied in the winter.

The issue is due in court late next week, so people seem to be waiting to say their piece in front of the judge.