Beagle Freedom Project rescues dogs

An estimated 65,000 dogs are used for lab research each year, and too often they don't make it out alive. The Beagle Freedom Project has been working to change that.

The nationwide nonprofit is urging New York State to pass legislation that would mandate the freedom of dogs and cats that are no longer needed for research. According to the Beagle Freedom Project, the animals are often killed at the end of the experiments, even if they are in healthy conditions.

Ted Wozniak of Mahopac adopted a rescued beagle and said he would do it again in a heartbeat.

"She weighed just barely 24 pounds. She was skin and bones. You could see her ribs and very little exercise. I think she weighs 31 or 32 pounds now," said Wozniak. It made me melt. I could not believe that this was still going on. It seemed very barbaric to me."

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