Black Friday is quickly approaching

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Who's going to be first in line for the insane Black Friday shopping deals?

The holiday shopping binge is still the same.  "While you're at it, why don't you just buy a couple of iPads because maybe your kids aren't online enough?" asked futurist author Faith Popcorn.

The methods are in flux, however.

Online sales are predicted to go up steeply for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, while physical store sales are expected to suffer as a result.

Shoppers are mixed in their methods. 

"We love it, we live for it, it's exciting, it's fun," said Donnalynn Brophy of Levittown.  "It's crazy, but yeah, we look forward to it, you know we have the Christmas music in the morning, we have our soda and coffee, and we’re good to go."

"What's the sense in me staying up until 5 or 6 in the morning?"  asked Jamar Knott of Irvington.  "I can do it online," he added.  "It's the same price."

Black Friday numbers are expected to dwindle slightly in favor of Thanksgiving, a day that's more and more seen as a shopping day. 

Retailers have taken to calling Thanksgiving "Gray Thursday."

However, the all night big bargain insanity can be avoided.

Some retailers like Walmart are honoring price matches to their online deals and other stores like Amazon and Best Buy, even have their black Friday prices already in effect.