Breast cancer survivor on a fashion mission

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October marks Breast Cancer Month.

Dana Donofree is a breast cancer survivor. She had a double mastectomy and went through multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

Donofree recovered and was ready to get back to normal. 

She was so excited to put on a bra again, a beautiful bra. But she couldn't find any.

There were some bras for survivors of breast cancer but they were functional, not fashionable.

Dana has set out to change that. 

“What I want to do is have an outlet where women can go and say ‘This is what I need. I need my new sports bra. I need my new sexy bra. I need my t-shirt bra. I need all these things that you’ve just literally picked up out of your drawer and dropped in a bag to donate,” Donofree explained. 

With a decade of experience as a fashion designer, she started AnaOno Intimates in 2014, offering beautiful, fashionable, and functional intimate apparel for breast cancer survivors.

“I wanted the woman that was receiving my package to feel really special again. I think that you lose a lot of that, especially when you’re shopping for lingerie and nothings fitting you over and over again so I wanted her to feel like she bought herself a gift,” Donofree stated.

Donofree’s company slogan seems to be ‘Never Alone’, she wants all the women to feel and know someone out there is thinking of them.

All of her designs range from front clasping bras for people with limited mobility to the use of soft bamboo material for the tender scar tissue.

These bras are much more comfortable when compared to a regular bra, especially because most don’t have an underwire in order to help keep pain and irritation away.