Brutal beatdown caught on cellphone video

BAYONNE, NJ (CHASING NEWS) -- A fight caught on cellphone video shows a man who snapped after catching someone driving his stolen car.

Police have identified the man being beaten as 26-year-old Ephraim Diaz, however, they have not identified the owner off the stolen Honda Civic -- the man throwing the punches.

Police said the owner of the Honda was on his way to police headquarters to report his car stolen when when he noticed the car on the road. He cut the car off and forced the driver out the car. A passerby filmed the fight.

Former Morris County Bob Bianchi weighed in, noting that there is only partial video of the encounter. "We don't know what occurred prior to the gentleman getting on the ground.

"If there is anything here it would be a simple assault under the law because there's not from what I understand serious bodily injury," Bianchi said. "Clearly he should have called the police. ... But I don't think prosecutors are going to really move on it. Or if they do it's a slap on the wrist."

Bianchi also offered a possible defense for Diaz, who is charged with taking a vehicle without permission.