'Cart woman' returns to NYC streets

In March, homeless hoarder Sonia Gonzalez had over 20 of her shopping carts and luggage bags trashed by the NYC Department of Sanitation.

"No one will keep me from working," Gonzalez said.

Since March, Gonzalez has been slowly rebuilding her cart collection. As of Monday, she had amassed eight shopping carts, two dollies and a suitcase. While feeding her cats in Hell's Kitchen, Gonzalez said she didn't want to talk and just wanted to be left alone.

"The city has been in ongoing communication with Ms. Gonzalez to offer services," the NYC Department of Social Services said in a statement, "and over the last 60 days outreach workers have visited her 46 times to offer medical care and housing."

Giselle Routhier, policy director for the Coalition for the Homeless, said permanent supportive housing with health services is the most effective solution in cases like Gonzalez's.