Championship boxing belts stolen

Boxing fans are outraged as a belt heist at the Boxing Museum Hall of Fame in upstate New York has gone unsolved for nearly four months.

According to police, on Nov. 5, three display cases were broken and six world title belts were stolen, four belonging to Carmen Basilio and two won by Tony Zale. Haley Zale, greatniece of Tony Zale, says the family is heartbroken. She and celebrities including Rosie Perez and Mike Tyson have taken to social media to raise awareness.

Zale also is concerned with how the museum handled the robbery and events around it. She said family members were "told by the hall of fame to keep it quiet it on social media for 48 hours, that ended up going on for four days." Museum director Ed Brophy said they were working in accordance with other agencies but Chief James Brophy said police did not issue that directive.

There is a reward for information leading to the recovery of thes belts. If you have info call 315-697-2240.