Christmas is a bad word?

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The "war on Christmas" continues all around us.

Let's start in Roselle Park, NJ, where Councilwoman Charlene Storey quit her job minutes after the borough added the word "Christmas" to its tree lighting event.

Storey said she felt the new name favored one religion.

When Mayor Carl Hokanson reached out to her, however, Story rescinded her resignation.

In response, he appointed her to a newly created diversity committee. But was this rewarding her behavior?

“It’s something to help bring forth ideas and the things that people, you know that we can do, that we know that caused these problems. So to me it’s not rewarding,” Hokanson said.

However, Storey admitted that she may have allowed her personal beliefs to dictate the move she made but she says she has the right to do so.

“I don’t hate Christmas trees, I don’t hate Christmas. I like Christmas trees but I don’t think that the government should be paying for them,” Storey said.