Cradling Angels

Ann Lapin is doing something many of us could never pull off: mothering 18 newborns in just over four years.

"This is Baby A. She's about 3 and a half weeks old," said Lapin as she introduced the newborn in her arms.

Baby A doesn't have a name yet, nor does she currently have a permanent home. Instead, Baby A is under the care of Spence-Chapin, a nonprofit adoption agency based in New York City. Ms. Lapin has volunteered to care for Baby A for four weeks as her birth parents make a plan for adoption.

"We realize when a mother gives birth and is thinking about adoption that she might be in a crisis," said Adam Cotumaccio of Spence-Chapin.

The organization has found success, with 65 percent of birth mothers choosing to parent by the end of the program. More volunteers are now needed to keep the program in motion. Volunteers must be at least 25 with a permanent residence in New York or New Jersey.

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