Curse Of The Buddha?

An East Harlem man blames the decapitation of a Buddha statue for a building in his neighborhood being issued decapitated Buddha head is being credited for the reason a building in East Harlem has been slapped with three stop work orders. It's being called, the "Curse of the Buddha Head," and it has struck again.

It's the "Curse of the Buddha" head.

Eugene Rodriguez, who lives behind a building under construction in East Harmem, says he put a curse on a nearby construction site the site after a crew knocked over a fence and decapitated his Buddha statue. "They knocked over my Buddha's head," Rodriguez said. "Being Puerto Rican I put a curse on them."

The building, located at 329 Pleasant Ave., has had multiple complaints against it, according to a Department of Buildings report.

Ronald Hamlow, who lives next door to the site said his patio is "littered with debris."