Dangers of Christmas trees

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A dry wood spire covered in electric sockets doesn't sound like something people want in their living room, but you bring one in every year if you have a Christmas tree.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 1 out of 3 tree fires are caused by electric problem.

To alert people about the dangers that cause an average of 200 Christmas tree fires nationwide each year, firefighters burned a fully decorated tree at the Middlesex County Fire Training Center.

"At the holiday season, we do a lot of things we don't normally do the rest of the year," said Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who is chair of the New Jersey Fire Safety Commission. "We bring a tree in our home, we put up electric lights, we use a lot of extension cords...and sometimes we forget and we're not aware of all the things we are supposed to do."

Keep in mind that artificial trees burn as well, but just more slowly.

To keep your home and family safe through Christmas, keep a tree at least three feet from a heat source, make sure the electric lights were inspected, and water the tree at least once a day.

The National Fire Protection Association says that About 37% of Christmas trees occur in January.