Details released for young mother who lost her life

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Tragic beauty Kiersten Cerveny's Facebook page now has the words "In Remembrance Of" written at the top. As we remember her and look back at her life we also look back at the now clearer timeline of her final night.

At 6:30pm Cerveny headed to a hotel in downtown Manhattan with her friends. From there, they went to a Lower East Side bar.

At 2 AM Cerveny met up with 51-year-old TV producer and her Facebook friend, Marc Henry Johnson.

Between 3 and 4 AM she left her friends and got into a cab with Johnson.

At 4:25AM they arrived at the 16th street apartment.

Later that morning at a time not released by police, Cerveny was carried back down the stairs incapacitated by two men, which was captured on surveillance.

At 8:32 AM Johnson called 9-1-1.

Minutes later first responders found Cerveny unresponsive. Cerveny was later pronounced dead at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Johnson owns a production company called MHJ Productions in Manhattan. According to the company's website he has produced for Michael Moore and Spike Lee. Johnson has also been nominated for numerous awards.

Some speculate he was having an affair with Cerveny largely because residents say she was a frequent visitor to the Chelsea building. He is married to high-powered Wall Street lawyer Marlisa Vinciguerra.

The other man in the surveillance video is James "Pepsi" Holder. He is Johnson's reported drug dealer and allegedly where they partied that evening.

Police are still looking for Holder. This is not his first run-in with the law.

Various reports say findings from the autopsy are consistent with cocaine use, but there is no indication of force.

Before Kiersten Cerveny's career, marriage and children, she was an amazing teen with an incredible list of accomplishments.

As a high school senior, she won the title of Gloucester County's Junior Miss, which qualified her to compete in the state competition. She won New Jersey's Junior Miss and then took home the national title, America's Junior Miss 1995.