DJ school

Want to become a DJ? There's a school for that.

In The Mix DJ School of Belleville, NJ is attracting music lovers from near and far, teaching students how to "scratch," "mix" and "bring in the beat" like a pro.

Carmello Figueroa founded the school seven years ago after noticing an emerging trend in the industry. Today it is one of three DJ academies in the New York metropolitan area, and the only school in the area to offer bilingual classes in English and Spanish.

"The technology has advanced a lot. We're using the technology and the computer to not only create our music but using computers to edit other people's music," Figueroa said." So it is a lot easier now and anyone getting into the business will be able to pick it up a lot faster than back in the day."

The industry has gained fame as celebrities like Paris Hilton get paid up to $100,000 per gig. Others have made it more of a hobby, building state-of-the-art DJ booths in their luxury homes.

In The Mix DJ School offers DJ courses and production courses. Both courses run about 6 weeks and cost $600.

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