Dress shop caters to Indian brides

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The iconic Kleinfeld's doesn't cater to Indian brides, but there's a new boutique in town that does.

Woodside, Queens, is where Nitu Huda opened Sitara in the spring.

Sitara is an upscale fashion boutique and bridal shop for South Asian brides, who typically find themselves settling for a wedding dress because of limited selections in most U.S. shops.

“Sintara means star in the Ancient Sanskrit Language. Every star is different and we wanted our clients to feel like that when walk in through those doors,” Huda explained.

Many are enamored by all the upscale designers, the gorgeous fabric, the vibrant colors.

“The store is very modern compared to other stores I’ve been too and I thought it was a great experience,” a customer said.

Can’t find anything you like? Well, this boutique has other options.

“This particular one we don’t have in the store right now, so you would be able to order this and you would also be able to customize this in the three colors that are available,” Huda stated.

You can call and arrange an appointment or stop by the store, whether you're a bride or perhaps need something special for a holiday.